Ferrero Rocher 30pc

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Description: A unique combination of luscious milk chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts and a creamy chocolate filling wrapped in a light, crispy wafer. Each piece is dressed in gold!
Ferrero Rocher chocolates - 30 pieces Imported from Italy whole roasted hazelnut and creamy chocolate filling inside a light, crispy wafer wrapped in milk chocolate Product Description Established 60 years ago by Pietro Ferrero as a premier chocolate maker in Italy, today, Ferrero Rocher delights chocolates lovers all over the world with its delicious creations. At the heart of Rocher ...
This item is easy to be sold out on Valentine's Day season and White Day season. In case of that, we may substitute with other chocolate without permission of buyer.

Product Content: 42 exquisites, individually wrapped, bite-sized chocolates

Net Weight: - 525g/18.6 oz Imported from Italy/Germany

Available Size: Medium, Large, Small

Lead Time Delivery: Three business days to everywhere Korea, MUST order 3 business day in advance

Delivery Area: Any part in Korea.